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Exclusive Services

Personal Consulting & Forecasting   Cost $300/hr

During this appointment, Silhouette Jones spends the hour working with you using tarot reading, Law of Attraction techniques and psychology to help you achieve your goals by organizing you. It is important for you to take this appointment seriously. Be sure that you have a pen and paper ready. Tarot helps us understand the paths and the choices. Law of Attraction allows us to set the direction so that you create your future. Psychology helps us create the conditioning needed to achieve your goals. This is only a one hour appointment. If you need further information you will have to schedule another one hour appointment. This appointment is for consulting purposes only. All choices are yours and yours alone. 

Let's Work Together

To Work With Silhouette Jones Call (706) 573-5902. 

Silhouette Jones is only available to work with on Thursdays. She reserves 5 one hour appointments starting at 12 noon EST with the last appointment available at 5 pm EST. All appointments must be booked in advance. Once paid for there are no refunds. Appointments can be rescheduled two times, 48 hours in advance. No show appointments occur if you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment. Your appointment time starts on time, and no refunds will be given. If you need another appointment you will pay full price for the appointment. If you are late the minutes you are late will be subtracted from your appointment time and your appointment will be held in the time remaining. Respect your time and your money. This appointment is about you. Your commitment is to you be sure you follow through for you. Two missed appointments and Silhouette will not work with you again. Silhouette is here for the best you, and she requires you to be here for the best you too.

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