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Spiritual Practice Is Just As Important As Physcial Health!

Conditioning was written by Silhouette Jones in a total emergent approach to deepening the understanding of "How" our thoughts turn to things. The unique book teaches from the perspective of energy in how it works through us and manifests/projects into our world to create our experiences. There are many versions of Law Of Attraction teachings and books that all speak from the understanding of the physical mind. These books have the knowledge that energy exists, Conditioning bridges that knowledge by inserting the fundamentals of "energy" that is talked about in other books lightly. Conditioning immerses you in the understanding of energy so that you gain the full perspective of vibration. The total emergent approach allows you to shift through thoughts and energy vibrations easier because you are now speaking the full language of vibration. Conditioning is a bridging book that inserts the energy into your manifesting!

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