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The Basics of Energy

In 2012 the clients of Silhouette Jones asked her to explain to them how energy works. Silhouette decided to create the first Basics of Energy Class, which was such a success that her clients came back with further questions about energy. So Silhouette created the next three Basics of Energy classes. As clients took the four Basics of Energy classes they wanted a handbook to go with the classes. And thus The Basics Of Energy book was born. While the classes bring the world of energy to life before your eyes, the book allows you to gain a fundamental understanding into the world of energy. The Basics of Energy book is the ABCs of energy. When learning any language it is important to understand its phonic constructs rather than just memorizing the words. When learning energy it is better to understand its basic constructs before you learn its laws, principles and methods of working with energy. It is in this fundamental education in energy that you will no longer question if energy exists, you will know it exists and you will have the basic knowledge and abilities that you need to work with it! Get the book and enjoy the journey! Take the classes via the Celestial Azul LLC website and expand your mind and your life into its best possibilities!

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